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A preferred supplier is a Signature Builder approved supplier that has been awarded an an agreement by Signature Builders to supply products and services required by SB.
Competitive bids are not required for purchases from preferred contract suppliers regardless of the total aggregate cost of the purchase order.
Preferred suppliers are identified as the “least total cost source” for Signature Builders in a particular commodity category and, as the preferred contract supplier for those products or services. Most of the Signature Builder's preferred contract suppliers have their products and services available online via the links below.

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who we are
Pelt Signature Builders represents quality, craftsmanship, extreme attention to detail and open communication to make your experience a positive and memorable one.
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Pelt Signature Builders, Inc.
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what we do
If you've found a plan online, or have one you've been wanting to build for years, Signature Builders is here to make them a reality. If you have ideas or thoughts of what you want, SB has associate designers waiting to move your dreams from your mind to blueprints, setting in motion the process of making your dream home come to life. SB will build from your plan or ours.